Sunday, March 2, 2014

Help Me Change, Please.  The Formula for Change…

If it were only as simple asking the universe for help or paying a fee to the local “change store”, making changes in our lives and in our businesses would be easy.   We often wait around for the people and things around us to change so that our personal circumstances will improve.  The most significant changes start with the person in the mirror.

Here’s is a simple formula for impacting personal change in your life and your business…

D X V + F  > R

Dissatisfaction x Vision  + First Steps  > Resistance to Change

Just like in math class, everything on the left side of greater than sign  (>) has to be greater than everything on the right side of the greater than sign (>).

  • Dissatisfaction:  Your have to be truly dissatisfied with your current circumstances in order to make a change.  You may pay lip service to how dissatisfied you are, but if you’re are immune to the pain that your circumstances are bringing you, or, you are just plain comfortable, the chances of your making the change is not good.

  • Vision:  Your have to a clear vision as to how your circumstances will be better if you make the change.  Everyone around you may be pleading with you to make a change, but if you cannot see the benefits of making the change, change is not likely.

  • First Steps:  Do you know how and have the tools or resources to start making the changes.  Even with dissatisfaction and a vision, if you don’t know how to start making the change, it will most likely not happen.

  • Resistance:  All of the  resistance to making the change because of the lack of D, V, and F.

Dissatisfaction and Vision are multiplied together to create a powerful force against the resistance.  The First Steps added to the Dissatisfaction and Vision will make the equation so heavy on the left that it will overcome the Resistance on the left.

Identify your true dissatisfaction, create a vision for how life will be better if you make the change, and then take the first small steps. You will be on your way to conquering the resistance and making the change.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Your Pricing Could be Killing You…

Many business owners feel trapped when it comes to the issue of pricing. With so much competition out there, how are you supposed to make a healthy profit margin while staying competitively priced?

If you discount your products and services too much, there’s  not enough profit margin left.  If you raise your prices too much, you’ll lose too many customers.

A few things you should consider when considering adjusting your prices:

1.             If you’re competing SOLELY on price, you’re playing a losing game. Define your Unique Selling Proposition and market it to your prospects.

2.              If the cost of doing business has gone up ( materials, labor, fixed costs,etc),  and  the quality of your product or service  has remained high or improved, it’s probably time to raise your prices. 

3.             Trimming/cutting your expenses can be healthy provided that it doesn’t dramatically impede your ability to produce sales.  There is a limit to how much you can cut!

4.             DO YOUR NUMBERS!  Know how much you can truly afford to raise your prices or discount without hurting your business.

Need some help with the numbers?   No worries. I’ve done the numbers for you.  

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